Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calling Forth the Sons of Zadok

But the priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok,
who kept charge of My sanctuary 
when the children of Israel went astray from Me, 
they shall come near Me to minister to Me;"
Ezekiel 44:15

There is a cry rising across the land for authenticity.  The younger generation seems to be leading the charge, though I dare say they are not alone.  Many of us from other generations are raising our voices with them.  And, we are not alone!

There is a call coming out of heaven.  It comes forth as a pure tone, much like a tuning fork, that is sounding forth with the very voice and character of the Godhead, and the honor of heaven's worship.  It is a pure.  It is perfect. It is trustworthy. It is holy and altogether authentic.

For weeks now, the Lord has had me looking at Ezekiel 44 to see the contrast between the priests who have strayed away from the ways of the Lord that He disciplines and limits in their approach into His presence and in their ministry among His people, and the "sons of Zadok priests" who are welcomed into His presence to minister unto the Lord and who are charged with leading God's people. There is much to be unlocked within this passage of Scripture, but for now I simply want to present a simple contrast between the two in order to reveal the sound of "authentic" Spirit-filled lives that both God and many are looking for today

Those who Stray from the Lord Faithful ones as the Sons of Zadok
False Authority, produces an atmosphere of control and dominationTrue Authority, releases an atmosphere of liberty and security
False Worship, produces fast spiritual encounters and experiencesTrue Worship, releases genuine encounters and experiences with the Lord in love
False Anointing, produces "results" (manifestations, numbers, etc)  without lasting and enduring fruit of transformationTrue Anointing, releases the grace of the Lord that exalts Christ and bears lasting fruit of transformed lives

Let's all commit to pray and seek the face of the Lord that we might be found to be faithful ones, as the sons of Zadok were, and that a holy remnant of faithful "Zadok" men and women will rise in the land resounding with the authenticity of the Lord.  It is such as these that will release the sound of heaven into the earth by lifting up the Christ in everything that do or say.  It is this pure and holy sound that will awaken the harvest in the land and bring about the lasting and enduring changes that are desperately needed in our day. 

Can you hear the sound of heaven?  

Can you see rising of the Zadoks? 

Can you hear the rumblings of awakening and reformation in our land?  

I believe you can.  Now let's press in, for now is the season and we were born for such a time as this!

What are you hearing?  Let's talk about it!