Monday, September 13, 2010

Expanding Our Horizons of Faith

L'Shanah Tovah!

At this beginning of the Biblical New Year, I pray for each of you the richest blessings of the Lord that draw you closer into communion with His majesty and into a place of knowing the wonders of His glory as He finds a place of welcome in your heart to tabernacle with you.  And, I pray that this year, as we surrender to His Lordship together as One New Man, that His dwelling among us will increase in manifestations of His grace, love, glory and power.  He is looking for a people among whom He might tabernacle in fullness, and I pray that among us He might find such a place prepared for His majesty.

As I sat down to write this email the phrase "Expanding our Horizons of Faith" exploded within my spirit as a word I sense from the Lord as a call for us to lift our gaze up and look again.  This is a call to not just look again the same way we've looked before but to look again in a new ways.
Consider these possibilities as you "look again":
  • Look Higher
  • Look Further
  • Look Deeper
  • Look Broader 
  • Look Around 
  • Look Above
  • Look Beneath 
  • Look In
  • Look Out 
  • Look Beyond
These all point to looking in a new way and even to looking beyond what we may have seen in the past.  Perhaps, our view has been blocked by difficulties and challenges, or by fears, doubts and even unbelief.  Or maybe the view has been limited by past failures or disappointments, by circumstances that seem insurmountable or by perceived dangers that trigger paralyzing fear.  Or perhaps, the Lord is simply've looked in faith and you have seen amazing glimpses of what I have in store for the days ahead, but look again there's still more . . .

Whatever the case, the Lord is asking us to look again and allow Him to expand the horizons of faith for this new year.

Expanded horizons to see our cities, our states, and our nations fully awakened by the Spirit of the Lord and moving in power toward reformation of every arena of culture.  Can you see it?  

Expanded horizons to see family members, friends and associates come to saving faith and to live as radically sold-out disciples of the Lord Jesus. Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see relationships restored and broken-hearts healed.  Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see the Victorious Church arise to the place Christ intended to rule and reign with Him through worship and intercession, and to bring His Kingdom to bear on earth as it is in heaven. Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see believers walking in the fear of the Lord in all holiness, joy, reverence, and love, and demonstrating His grace in power with signs, wonders, and miracles confirming the testimonies and preaching of the Word of God.  Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see Christ's high priestly prayer of John 17 answered with genuine unity among those who believe - oneness with the Lord and with one another, with each joint supplying what is needed causing growth of the whole in love (Eph 4).  Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see masses of people coming to faith -- the harvest fields that are white unto harvest being brought in for the glory of the Lord.  Can you see it? 

Expanded horizons to see financial provision for you & your family, for businesses and ministries to provide for the fulfillment of the dreams, visions, and purposes of the Lord to advance His Kingdom and establish His covenant on the earth.  Can you see it? 

I encourage you to meditate on Isaiah 60 and invite the Lord to Expand Your Horizons of Faith!
We have several upcoming opportunities planned for us to join together to have our vision expanded for what the Lord wants to do in this season and to join our hearts together in worship and intercession for His Kingdom to come and His will to be on earth as it is in heaven!  I hope you will make an effort to join us.  And, if you would like us to come to your community to help facilitate a gathering for worship, prayer, teaching, or encouragement, please let us know.

For His Glory,

Jacquie Tyre

Kairos Transformation Ministries
State Apostolic Leader
Georgia Apostolic-Reformation Prayer Network
Georgia-US Alliance for Reformation