Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spiritual Witchcraft

Well, this is my first step into the blogging-world and am hoping that together we will learn and grow together to advance Christ's Kingdom.

Tomorrow night, I am starting a Kairos Training six-week class on the issue of "Spiritual Witchcraft," specifically taking a look at how believers, congregations, ministries, and even entire communities are affected by what some have called "spiritual witchcraft," "charismatic witchcraft," or even by such names as "Jezebel," "Ahab," "Simon the Sorcerer", etc. Most of us have encountered situations where things just don't seem to add-up right, and confusion seems to have an upper hand. On the surface things look right....but something just isn't right.

The following questions are some that I posed in a promo piece to announce the class, and I would like to ask you to provide some feedback on what you have experienced, how you handled the situation, what you learned through the process, and how you have learned to deal with the operation of "spiritual witchcraft" when you sense the enemy at work in this manner.

  • Have you ever found yourself in a swirl of confusion, wondering which way to turn?
    Have you attempted to communicate, whether to an individual or a group, and discovered that every word you spoke was received in a far-different way than what you intended? And there seems to be no way to straighten out the tangled mess.... 
  • Do you ever sense that something is wrong...but can't quite put your hands around what it is? And, no matter what you do the situation just keeps getting worse & worse?
  • Have you battled with feelings and thought of despair, hopelessness, and defeat -- even to the point of despairing of life itself?
  • Do any of the following words fit situations that you are dealing with, either in your own life or in broader circumstances: contentious, rebellious, stubbornness, non-compliance, prideful, arrogant, never-ending trouble, seduction, intimidation, control, manipulation, domination, accusation, or slander?
  • Are you ready to learn how to overcome this insideous tactic of the enemy so that you & those you love might be set free to walk in the liberty of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you ready to learn how to war against the forces of darkness that are keeping many in bondage and hindering the advancement of the Kingdom of God in your family, church, and community?

I look forward to hearing from you, so that we might grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, and effectiveness to defeat the enemy and advance Christ's Kingdom in righteousness.